1. Export and Import anywhere in the world! Simple and profitable!

The AirTransTur company offers you international network which meets all your transportation needs, with guaranteed service, certain delivery and at advantageous prices.

Regardless of distance, type of goods or complexity, we guarantee you priority emphasis and a service which ascertains keeping the schedule.

Our mission is to surpass expectations of our customers in what regards transportation of their goods anywhere in the world, offering most safe and efficient solutions in realm of transportation. Thus, if you want to remain satisfied, choose the service which suits you.

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • Fast and safe dispatches of any kind of goods;
  • Advance goods reservation, guarantee of scheduled delivery at any destination;
  • Draw up of documents and customs declaration;
  • Optimization of transportation conditions according to customer’s individual claims;
  • Assurance of the transported goods on customers solicitation;
  • The lowest prices, regardless to destination;
  • Guaranteed promptness and high quality of rendered services.

2. Fast delivery activity fast and safe delivery.